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RAM problem? Reason iOS 13.2 often stops apps in the background

Having multiple apps side by side in iOS 13.2 can be frustrating for many users. There are even complaints from iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro users. This has collected MacRumors from various sources and talks about an overly aggressive iOS platform RAM management system.

Apparently, iOS 13.2 tends to reload apps each time they've taken a back seat - even if not much time has passed. Thus, multitasking becomes much more difficult and you even lose inputs that you made in an app.

A user complains that he just put the YouTube app in the background for a minute to respond to a message. When he returned to YouTube, the app was reloaded and the video he had previously watched was gone.

"I watched a video on YouTube on my iPhone 11 Pro. I paused the video to respond to a text message and stayed in iMessage for less than a minute. When I returned to YouTube, it reloaded the app and the video I was watching was gone. I've often noticed that on my iPad Pro. Apps and Safari tabs reload…

Are Airline Passengers in Danger of the Flight Gimmick Safety Videos?

A moving pink bear, a space-bound shootout, a plane shrouded in shimmers and parts and loads of singing. Those are the supernatural fixings blended into Korean Air's most recent pre-flight wellbeing video, played just before flights take off. Discharged online on Monday, the video stars the fiercely famous South Korean K-pop supergroup SuperM. The Korean Air film joins an entire buffet of carrier recordings jumping on the gimmicky, superstar supported pre-flight wellbeing video pattern.

As far back as 2007, when the then new aircraft Virgin America discharged its vivified pre-flight wellbeing video that included a cheeky dull storyteller, carriers have been sticking to this same pattern and getting innovative with their security recordings. Presently huge numbers of them are discarding waterway bound wellbeing spiels for wacky, kitschy and out and out strange pre-flight recordings. These recordings, which were once made so as to pass on basic security crisis data, are currently be…

Best Online Sneaker Stores

Gone are the days when looking for a couple of shoes implied overcoming the traffic in heading to a physical retail location.

Today, you can look for your preferred tennis shoes like Yeezys and Air Jordans without leaving the solace of your own home. There are various online stores that convey tennis shoes from set up brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Onitsuka Tiger, and all the others. You can look for tennis shoes and channel the outcomes dependent on brands, classifications, size, and cost, among criteria. There are additionally various installment choices that you can browse, including Mastercards, platinum cards, and electronic installment moves.

Probably the best online shoe stores have physical outlets. Others fill in as a stage for free merchants to offer their best tennis shoes to a worldwide group of spectators. Here the 8 best online stores for tennis shoes today. Find out about the highlights of every one and visit the destinations that intrigue you.

One of the more f…


For seating solace that can go on any experience, we separate the top camp seats available. Considerations of outdoors seats may evoke pictures of $10 specials out front a major box retailer, yet we should reorient ourselves to a marginally better quality. We expect a legitimate outdoors seat to overlap up for simple vehicle, however to be agreeable, steady, and made to last—even in unpleasant and tumble climate. The majority of our top picks for 2019 possess a great deal of these characteristics. All things considered: there is no single "best" camp seat for everybody. How it will be utilized directs the classification: exploring, outdoors, or regular (this gathering incorporates anything from sea shore days to open air shows). We spread these differentiation alongside other significant outdoors seat includes in our correlation table and purchasing guidance underneath the picks.

Best Overall Camping Chair1. REI Co-op Camp X ($40)
Category: Camping/everyday
Dimensions: 20 x …


From premium models with excellent ice retention to lightweight designs for day use, below are the year’s best coolers. Whether you’re headed to the beach, tailgating before your favorite sporting event, or camping in the wild, keeping your food and drinks cold is absolutely key. Thankfully, the market is packed with high-quality coolers that excel at everything from solo day trips to week-long adventures. Below we break down our favorite coolers and ice chests for 2019, which include everything from budget-friendly Coleman models to range-topping Yetis. Our picks also reflect the growing number of styles available, with small and compressible soft-sided and backpack designs as well as burly wheeled options represented. For more background information, see our cooler comparison table and buying advice below the picks.

Best Overall Cooler
1. OtterBox Venture 65 ($350)
Type: Hard-sided
Capacity: 65 qts.
Weight: 33 lbs.
Claimed ice retention: 16 days
Other sizes: 25, 45
What we like: Sup…