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I lived in Thailand for a considerable length of time.

My unique arrangement was to instruct for a year and after that head out, however I experienced passionate feelings for the nation and its ideal position in that piece of the world.

From Thailand I could venture out to encompassing nations, visiting for as short or as long a period as I needed and still returned to a command post.

There are simply such a large number of activities in Thailand that it has taken me always to assemble a Thailand schedule, to limit a need list for guests, new and old, who need to investigate one of the most mystical nations and my subsequent home, Thailand.

What you'll see beneath works for everybody.

The central matters of the Thailand agenda beneath will take you around about fourteen days. Be that as it may, you could pick and pick among the real places and abbreviate/stretch your excursion up extensively.

Visit Bangkok and a couple encompassing zones with only multi week in Thailand. Construct the Gulf Islands onto your Bangkok trip and you're taking a gander at about fourteen days in Thailand. Also, on the off chance that you add on ALL the additional choices I'm giving you, you could wind up beginning to look all starry eyed at this nation and remaining for quite a long time (uh oh!/not).


The way to this rundown is to focus on the chain of command. On the off chance that you have less time, hit the greatest boldest titles underneath.

On the off chance that you need to invest more energy in one specific region like the wildernesses and mountains or the islands, you can expand on with the "additional items" I've given. Try not to need to visit the shorelines? Cool, you have bounty to browse simply hanging out in the north.

There are such a significant number of activities in Thailand, the agenda underneath could go past two months in case you're on a free timetable and have a craving for remaining some time (you will).

I'll give you a feeling of the quantity of days to spend in each spot (and these are a base). Additionally make sure to represent the movement time it will take you to get starting with one spot then onto the next.

In the event that you basically do the 2-week schedule, you'll see it's barely short of 14 days giving you a couple of days for travel.

You'll start in Central Thailand on the grounds that most flights land in Bangkok. Should you need to begin in another significant territory of Thailand and are low on schedule, bounce on a trip as it will be the snappiest method to arrive.


Each Thailand schedule incorporates Bangkok. It's difficult to disregard those modest costs to the occupied and clamoring Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Clearly, there's a ton to do here, and in case you're searching for a gathering or an extravagant night out on the town, Bangkok is the place it's at. You'll need to look at the Lebua (that's right, the inn from Hangover II) or Vertigo for their sky bars. The perspectives are next level, play on words expected.

You'll most likely need to look at The Grand Palace, the greatest vacation destination in Bangkok, when home to the ruler. In spite of the fact that skirting the extra charge to get in and simply appreciating the outside is thoroughly cool as well (you'll be seeing huge amounts of sanctuaries, the extra charge to this one is dumb silly)

When you're in the disposition for somewhat sentiment, skim down the Chai Phraya River in a ship that makes a few stops en route. You can jump on and off as you like or just look out at the drastically changing landscape as it passes by. Prepare the camera before you glide by Wat Arun.

In case you're here during the end of the week and are tingling to make some shop (in spite of the fact that this might be better for your visit to Bangkok on out) take a couple of hours (or a whole day) to meander Chatuchak Market. Shopping or not, this spot is a sight to see. It's the biggest outdoors advertise on the planet and the purchasing openings don't baffle!

The notorious Khao San Road will absolutely pull in those exploring Thailand. Shopping, bars, road sustenance trucks… It's the world renowned hub for explorers and can merit a visit however its unquestionably not the best spot to hang out in Bangkok.

For those more flashpackery or those needing to escape their explorer mode…

For a progressively advanced visit to Bangkok, staying nearby the Sukhumvit territory may suit you better. Less hiker y, increasingly present day and hip. Thonglor is a prevalent region for local people to party, Ari is little however it's an exceptional cool neighborhood to chill at, and Ekkemai is a cool and stylish spot to taste on espresso yet the night scene-searchers move to the adjacent Thonglor around evening time.

Your Thailand agenda would plainly not be finished without a brisk trek to Bangkok, yet you truly can proceed onward from here and show signs of improvement activities in Thailand.



Koh Chang is one of my record-breaking faves in the entirety of my movements. This island is brimming with the most lovely shorelines and escape spots.

Desolate Beach is totally the best for dusks and is known as the explorer shoreline. Kai Bae Beach is additionally incredible to hide out, remain near the clamor yet not in it and is less business. White Sand Beach is the most touristy of all and I never remained around there yet it's the most advantageous being so near the ships.

The island is truly gigantic (third biggest in the nation) so there's still a lot of chances to escape here. Long Beach is one of the most remote shorelines on the island.

You can go wilderness trekking and after that island jump to the close-by heaven of Koh Mak.

Koh Samet is another extraordinary island outside of Bangkok. This is the activity in Thailand in case you're searching for a genuine "Thai" encounter as this is the place all the Bangkokers run to for the ends of the week.

Numerous local people crowd to Koh Samet on the grounds that it's a snappy island escape, pretty much a two-hour transport ride then under an hour vessel ride from the territory. The island is likewise for the most part a national park, so you'll get a huge amount of characteristic scene.


So nothing unexpected that the primary thing everybody considers is "Extension over the River Kwai."

No, the motion picture wasn't recorded here (it was shot in Sri Lanka, strangely) however this is the genuine scaffold of such a significant number of passings during WWII as the Japanese constrained POWs to manufacture this railroad connect. You can positively visit this for remembrance purposes.

Past the bleak, this territory is essentially lovely. Cascades proliferate at Erawan National Park, the waterway territory is wealthy ever, and the caverns are amusing to investigate. You can handle Kanchanaburi as multi day trip from Bangkok on your Thailand agenda in the event that you are low on schedule.

>>> ADD-ON – LOP BURI (1-2 DAYS)

An extraordinary chance to hang with untamed life and wild nature, Lop Buri is best known for its pillaging macaques.

Monkeys live unreservedly in the boulevards around "Monkey Temple," and are known to disturb bystander for bites (or take them from stores—indeed, truly!). On the off chance that that wasn't sufficient, go spot screen reptiles and chill with them on the banks of the lake, Ang Sub Lek, just on the edges of town.

You can likewise look at the bats as they fly out of Wat Khao Wong Khot cavern sanctuary during the evening.

At long last, stroll among the wildflowers. Sections of land of sunflower fields stretch out in Lopburi to the extent the eye can see (from November to January). It resembles a scene out of a film. You'll be kicking the bucket to stroll through it with your arms out.

Obviously, there are a lot of delightful old sanctuaries to investigate too.


Crocs, monkeys, and elephants, gracious my! Khao Yai is one of the nation's best national parks to visit and thinking about it's excessively near Bangkok, it's likewise overly simple to get to. You can take a difficult day trip, go through a night outdoors, or go through around 5 days investigating this zone by trekking and cascade pursuing.

Khao Yai is an incredible alternative for your Thailand itinerary.Khao Yai is an extraordinary choice for your Thailand itinerary.Khao Yai is an incredible choice for your Thailand agenda.

Taking a visit will be perfect as you'll should be guided through the treks at any rate (there are wild creatures all over the place). Thusly you can have a guide and transportation dealt with as you'd need your very own vehicle to easily explore your way here and around.

Custom 1-multi day extreme voyage through Khao Yai


Sanctuaries. Sanctuaries. More sanctuaries…

Ayutthaya is home to a bunch of the most glorious sanctuaries since it was the second capital of the kingdom of Siam. In case you're a history buff, or a sanctuary pilgrim, this day trip from Bangkok is one of the top activities in Thailand for you.

It doesn't hurt that it's an UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Gracious, and fun reality, Ayutthaya was my first home when I lived in Thailand. I landed my first position showing English here.


Another UNESCO site, and it's brimming with dazzling memorable sanctuaries from its days as the principal capital of Siam.

You ought to positively pick this choice in case you're traveled north by transport or via train as it's headed to Chiang Mai. On the off chance that you are not traveled north by any stretch of the imagination, Ayuttaya is your most solid option for seeing excellent sanctuary ruins.

Bicycle voyage through Sukhothai (the most ideal approach to see it!)


This city is filled to the overflow with current comforts, extravagance resorts, deal advertises, all finished off and encompassed by shocking perspectives on regular scene and radiant antiquated sanctuaries.

Chiang Mai is a vacation destination without a doubt, however it's one of the great ones. The city has something for everybody; in case you're a history buff, visit a sanctuary or two or ten.

Effectively the most renowned and most visited activity in Thailand is Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, with its lofty mountain ride up and after that its abrupt last walk, and Wat Chedi Luang, which is inside strolling separation of most inns and inns in Chiang Mai and is tremendous as the most noteworthy point in the Old City legitimate.

pagoda in Chaing Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai has something for everybody and is unquestionably one of the most well known activities in Thailand.

Customer? Go squeeze your well deserved pennies at one of a few outdoors showcases. The Sunday Walking Street and the Night Bazaar are only two among many.

There's likewise a hopping nightlife, a wonderful assortment of first class cafés, an elephant asylum, thus significantly more. This piece of your Thailand schedule will have you on your feet with your eyes wide open!


OK, so I state "one day," yet you could spend any longer in Chiang Rai.

Chiang Rai is simply such a cool spot to chill only a couple of hours outside of Chiang Mai. There's a "shoreline," the Black House and the well known (Wat Rong Khun) White Temple just to give some examples of the celebrated spots.

A one day visit is conceivable with multi day visit from Chiang Mai, in the event that you please your own, you'll need in any event two.


Doi Inthanon is an incredible day trip from Chiang Mai. See, the tallest mountain top in the nation! Shockingly, it's even somewhat nippy up here in case you're up in the first part of the day hours. Outdoors, cascade pursuing, trekking and more can be appreciated here.


Get lost.

Truly, this is my recommendation to any individual who ever visits Pai. It sucks to get to (3 hours and more than 700 turns) yet absolutely worth the inconvenience.

Huay Chang Waterfall in Pai

Multi day, a week or several months… You will love adding Pai to your Thailand schedule.

You could spend a whole month in Thailand here (I've gone through most likely 7 months altogether). Cascades, overly laid back and cute bistros, carnival school… You name it. You can go through 3 days or 3 months and never become weary of meandering and chillin here.


The Mae Hong Son Loop will take you through exquisite nation and slope an area of Northern Thailand.

Lease a motorbike and stop in the little towns for a rest, a tidbit, and to investigate.

This circle is very prominent with vacationers; you'll normally leave from Pai or Chiang Mai, contingent upon where you need to begin/end the outing.

You'll need to take as much time as is needed on this circle, halting at lodgings or inns en route, as it's 600 km long, but on the other hand it's breezy and sloping.


Yippee! Shorelines!
Three islands make up the greater part of the Gulf Islands individuals visit. Koh Tao is the perfect spot for scuba jumpers and swimmers. It is known as the famous hub for jumping.

You can even get plunge guaranteed here in a three-day course. In case you're intrigued, look at New Way, Scuba Junction, or Simple Life for a portion of the prescribed spots to get guaranteed from.

Koh Tao has a very laid back chill vibe that says sit on the shoreline and watch the waves or wave at the ocean life submerged. You can even climb or shake jump on some entirely separated region around here.

Koh Phangan is only a snappy ship ride from Koh Tao.

This is an unquestionable requirement stop on your Thailand schedule on the off chance that regardless you have the rave tingle in you. My exceptional gathering days are a thing of the antiquated past, so the Full Moon gathering would be excessive for me now with its 5,000 and even up to 30,000 gathering goers knocking to DJ turns throughout the night.

Be that as it may, it's not to say I haven't been to a couple previously.

In any case, when Koh Phangan isn't vibrating in its establishments, it's really a wonderful, peaceful, off the beaten path spot to rest and unwind IF you realize where to go. Practically any region in the north of the island is "protected" from the revelers.

Koh Samui is the extravagance stop for my extravagant schmancy perusers. You'll get the five-star treatment with resorts and gourmet culinary specialists getting ready sustenance. In case you're into that, look at it. Simply be set up to spend significantly more here than you would on the other two islands and the remainder of Thailand truly.


This charming not really off the beaten path angling town should not be a "choice" on your Thailand schedule. In case you're this nearby, go.

Prachuap is the spot to go to only happiness out on a quiet and flawless environment away from generally vacationers. A military base is home to Ao Manao shoreline, is a dazzling difference of brilliant green mountains and pine trees against the blue sky and laying on sandy shorelines with precious stone waters.

From that point, head over to Kao Lommuak, a "rugged mountain" you can move to the highest point of to get a view out over the ocean worth the precarious climb.

*IMPORTANT* pay special mind to dim leaf monkeys here. They are the cutest, most accommodating, charming monkeys you at any point saw, dissimilar to the brazen and horrendous macaque monkeys which you will see unquestionably more frequently.

Ok, I simply don't have the foggiest idea in the event that three days is sufficient in any case, on the other hand, I lived here for two months!

You likewise truly need to travel inland a bit from Prachuap and visit Sam Roi Yot, a national park whose name signifies "the mountain with 300 pinnacles."

The scene here is a splendidly entrancing incredible sight. You need to visit the Phraya Nakhon cavern, brimming with curving chambers that let daylight in from above, and the Thung Sam Roi Yot freshwater swamp, to watch out over level fields and up at the steepest mountains you can envision.

Do remember both of these spots are not intensely visited by sightseers so having a vehicle, enough cash for taxicabs/tuk-tuks, or realize how to ride a motorbike would be useful. Modest and simple open vehicle isn't as accessible, especially in off-season.


In the event that you need somewhat of a shoreline break (weirdo) head into the wilderness and investigate Khao Sok. The ravishing lake encompassed by the karsts is ideal for kayaking and paddling, and the overwater estates upheld by the rich trees truly makes this spot a heaven.


Krabi is incredibly wonderful thus much fun! Island bouncing and swimming are the absolute best activities in Thailand here.

Railay and Tonsai are likewise too cool spots to hit in Krabi for shoreline time. Both are just available by pontoon, despite the fact that they are associated with the terrain of Thailand.

Poda Island, Krabi, Thailand

Unquestionably go island jumping—this is perhaps the best activity in Thailand and Krabi is the place it's at!

The two shorelines are ideal for simply hanging in the sand or, much increasingly well known on these shorelines, shake climbing. Shake climbers rush here for the test. In case you're feeling particularly challenging, you can even profound water solo.

Out of the considerable number of activities in Thailand, Krabi is one of my preferred spots to investigate in light of the fact that there's simply such a great amount to do. However, on the other hand, I'm presumably one-sided as I lived in the region for over a year.


A loosening up day trip while you're in Krabi, Tup Kaek is the forlorn extravagance shoreline among your alternatives here. White sand shorelines, quiet, shallow waters… Oh, pause, and an enormous mountain to ascend?

Truly, don't simply come here for another shoreline, climb Tup Keak first. This is around a 4-5 hour round excursion climb contingent upon how speedy you are and the perspectives up top are so justified, despite all the trouble.


Single word: remote. Ao Thalane is the spot to add to your Thailand agenda in the event that you need to escape for a bit. There is little action here outside of kayaking and just a couple of cafés.

Come here to kayak quiet waters among the mangrove woods and find concealed tidal ponds and shorelines; you'll hear winged animals calling and watch monkeys bouncing among the trees. It's an encounter that will scratch itself into your memory.

>>> ADD-ON – AO LUK (1 DAY)

Presently you're in heaven. I genuinely don't have a clue how Ao Luk has remained so immaculate by mass market commercialization, yet it has. The Than Bok Khorani National Park offers a trail through the rainforest, past streaming cascades, and into profound caverns.

On the Tha Pring Canal, you can employ a long vessel to take you out to investigate mangroves and much more surrenders. This day outing is one of absolutely visual delight.


Leonardo DiCaprio and his motion picture "The Beach" made this spot prevalent. Everybody arranging an outing to Thailand, I'm certain, has discovered this spot in their examination.

Thailand Phuket Koh Phi

The vast majority with about fourteen days in Thailand will end up here.

You can add this to your Thailand schedule only for Leo (tragic note: he won't really be here), or you can come and take a gander at out the lovely shorelines and rest in the delicate sand. It's the area for a motion picture for a reason—it IS excellent however…

Simply note this is one of the most touristy places in Thailand. Actually, I am not the greatest fan. The vibes are about the gatherings, the shorelines have turned out to be not exactly average, and the costs are swelled. I know most dream of coming here however on the off chance that you do, set that bar a couple of scores down so you're not frustrated.


There really isn't an excessive amount to state here. This island isn't overly well known and it's sprinkled with charming shoreline cabin hovels. Come swim, sunbathe, read, sit idle… This is one of the most chill islands in the zone.

For the individuals who need experience, there's a touch of climbing around Koh Pu and swimming and jumping openings.


Another flawlessly pristine island off Krabi, Koh Lanta is for the most part Muslim (for example moderate), so advancement is long and moderate to disentangle, which means the pace here is route quieted down and completely laid back… Actually, this is the situation on most islands in Thailand.

Thailand Koh Lanta Ko

Actuality: A Thailand agenda can never have such a large number of shorelines.

Lease a motorbike, journey the island, investigate nature, chill on the shoreline, swim, take island trips… It can take everlastingly to arrive by transports and ships so truly dive in and abound in the overall tranquility of the spot once you arrive.

Phrae Ae Beach is the place I for the most part hang out and remain as it's the place the vast majority of the activity seems to be, the Old Town is not a big deal, so you might need to maintain a strategic distance from in case you're low on schedule, and remaining in Saladan will be helpful as it's close to the ship yet it's not the most pleasant zone to remain.

TIP: Head south for tranquil and desolate shorelines.


The shorelines in the Trang Archipelago are generally untraveled contrasted with the considerably more mainstream (partier) shorelines off the west bank of Thailand.

This reality makes it ideal for those of us who love to investigate the unexplored.

Investigating Emerald Cave is effectively one of the most momentous activities in Thailand in the region but at the same time it's the most popularized. Head there by pontoon into clear green shallow waters to investigate this inlet tucked within a cavern encompassed by mangrove and wilderness natural life.

Only a word to the claustrophobic or those scared of the dull, you need to swim through a pitch dark cavern to get to the inlet. in case you're on a pontoon visit, you will have a guided swim in front while everybody holds tight to one another in a line.

The cavern reverberates the waves capably, washes you around, and can be genuinely terrifying for a few. Me being me, I was uneasy yet did it in any case (since I like frightening myself) all while anxiously giggling like a monstrosity with my companion.

Transportation Tip for Thailand:

While you can basically book at the dock, transport or train station, you might need to book ahead for specific legs of your adventure to ensure that you get a seat on the day you have to travel. is the most ideal approach to do this. Book your next outing early so you have one less thing to stress over.

So to what extent do you think you'll be in Thailand in the wake of perusing this? Has your multi week in Thailand simply transformed into about fourteen days in Thailand? Or on the other hand possibly your 3 weeks in Thailand has transformed into over a month?

In the wake of living in Thailand for a long time (while making a trip to the neighbors), I can truly say my rundown has developed longer rather than shorter. There are still such huge numbers of activities in Thailand, this enchanted nation will perpetually be getting back to me back.

Where will you follow Thailand?

Laos | Malaysia | Singapore | Indonesia | Philippines | Cambodia | Vietnam

Where you will be you going first? What are you most anticipating? Tell us in the remarks!

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